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On Time

Flight information

  • Flight number

    \' flight.ident \'
  • Estimated departure

    January 01 , \' departureTime \'

  • Your flight leaves from Terminal 3

    Being dropped off? Get close to your airline check-in desk by being dropped off near the sign for your airline.

  • Check in and drop off your baggage

    Find your airline's check-in and bag-drop counters in the following aisles.

    Note: Airlines will not check bags too far in advance of your flight. Check with your airline to see when they will start accepting bags. 
  • Before security

  • Follow signs for B or C gates

    Check your boarding pass for your gate and take a look at the map of your terminal to determine how far it is.

  • Clear security

    The current wait time is less than 2 minutes.

    Remember: wait times can vary. Ensure you have enough time to clear security.

  • After security

    Get to your gate

    Your estimated departure time is 00:45.

    Check your boarding pass for your boarding time. Airlines board up to one hour before departure time. You gate may change so please check the terminal screens regularly.

    Plan ahead for your return trip to Pearson

    Quickly pass through customs in Terminal 3 with the Canborder-eDeclaration app.

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